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How I wake up 2 hours earlier every day and become happier

2016 January 27

Here’s how I kick off my workdays

6:00 AM: the alarm went off. I allowed myself to stay in bed 5 more minutes to skim through my phone notifications and got up to do the 8 mins abs workout on my yoga mat.

6:15 AM: I went to the bathroom to take a hot shower, and 5 minutes later, was looking in the mirror brushing my teeth (and also do some other stuffs I can do without clothes in the bathroom, like, shaving.)

6:40 AM: I drizzled some oil on the hot pan and started frying an egg for my power breakfast.

7:00 AM: took a moment to enjoy my power breakfast with a cup of fresh made pour over coffee. (Mmmmmmm.)

7:15 AM: sit back at my desk and started my morning learning session.

9:00 AM: time to hit the road! Great, the traffic is calmer now. I shall be in the office by 9:50. [Press the play button on my favorite Podcast]

I was nothing like the person described above at all three months ago. What I’d like to tell you is the story of the routine I used to do three months ago and what happens after adopting my new routine.

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First Game Programming Experience with Python and Pyglet under 30 Minutes

2016 January 27

This is my first experience with game programming, and also my first time working with the Python Pyglet package. I got to say I feel so much accomplishment even though it’s just a dumb, simple, ghetto game that could be done within 100 lines of codes. It really amazes me how things could get done so easily these days.

I was in the San Francisco Python Meetup Group and joined Simeon’s Pyglet tutorial session, which really gave me a blast. In his tutorial, he showed some fundamental building blocks for Pyglet game programming like showing images on window, how to do animation, listening to keyboard or mouse event, and so on. After half an hour diving into the tutorial, suddenly he said, “are you ready to make a game now?

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