I'm a software developer based in California. I enjoy playing tennis, reading books, and writing software. Clojure is my favorite programming language, and Emacs is my favorite development environment. I write about them a lot here on my blog.

An animated sprite I made for my game - Spirited

The year 2021 marks my 8th year of being a professional software developer. After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering Master's degree, I started my career as a Java programmer writing the system software for the optical-mechanical wafer inspection tools at KLA, a well-known company in the Semi-conductor Industry for creating high-end Process Management equipment. At KLA, I learned a lot about Concurrency, Object-Oriented Programming, Dependency Injection, the software development process, writing documentation, etc. It was an excellent job for a college new grad as I grew a lot as a junior developer during my time there. I also started getting quite involved in software communities like Python and JavaScript outside of work. However, it became apparent that neither language was good enough for me when I began to prefer the Functional Programming style more. Then I found my current favorite language, Clojure.1

After five and a half years, I left KLA and joined Kira Systems to work on Clojure and ClojureScript full time. (Finally, the dream came true!) At Kira, we've built a successful B2B SaaS product to solve contract reviewing/analysis using Machine Learning for the Legal Tech Industry. Though I don't work on our home-grown, hand-crafted, fine-tuned, artisan ML engine, I enjoyed working with the ML researchers and learning the domain knowledge. This is probably one of the best perks of being a software developer - we get the opportunities to learn different domains and industries.

Being generally curious about so many things, I'm more like a generalist than specialist in software development (although I do significantly more work in the backend earlier in my career.) Ever since I started working for Kira, my focus has shifted to the front-end. Nowadays, I've become comfortable writing raw CSS without any framework, I pay attention to accessibility, and I understand the quirks of browser JavaScript and the ClojureScript compiler a lot more.

Kira was acquired by Litera in September 2021. Litera is a much bigger company than Kira, with several products to offer to the legal world. It'll be interesting to see how Clojure will thrive in this industry. And I'm excited about what's coming next!

What I'm doing now

Last updated on September 2nd, 2021. Inspired by nownownow.



There is an interesting backstory to my LISP experiences: Clojure wasn't my first LISP language. Back in 2008, when I was a sophomore, I was already writing AutoLISP to generate CADs (Computer-Aided Design) for my Mechanical Design class. Programming with AutoLISP wasn't like using a general-purpose programming language, but I still felt nostalgic when I picked up Clojure.